How do we support Diversity & Inclusion at Securus Recruitment?

Securus Recruitment are committed to upholding the values of Diversity and Inclusion in all our business activities. We will always endeavor to provide our clients with a diverse candidate pool comprised of the best candidates for their hiring needs.

Candidate Attraction

  • As true specialists we are able to attract a diverse talent pool utilsing a range of strategies including headhunting, networking and referrals just to name a few.
  • We take care to ensure the wording of our job adverts are inclusive and free from any unconscious bias.
  • Our collaborative approach to screening candidates enables us to assess individuals based on a number of factors including professional experience, qualifications and fit for the business. We take care to ensure that our qualifying process is not prohibitive to our candidates and that we are able to make reasonable adjustments where required.

Candidate Engagement

  • We believe that getting to know candidates and truly understanding their CV and ambitions will provide the detail we need to successfully shortlist them for a role.
  • We take the time to listen and work with our candidates to ensure we are  viewed as a trusted recruitment partner of choice.

Client Requirements

  • We partner with our clients to support their diversity and inclusion strategy.
  • We can advise on candidate attraction strategies to ensure a diverse candidate pool is presented for any recruitment mandate.
  • We are able to provide equal opportunities data upon request and can ensure that CVs are submitted with all information that could lead to unconscious bias removed if required.
  • We are committed to providing an inclusive recruitment process to our candidates and clients and can work with you to increase awareness of best practice with your hiring managers.

Flexible Working

  • We work with our clients to encourage flexible working where appropriate as we believe this will provide our clients with a wider, more inclusive talent pool and make them more attractive as an employer.
  • This also includes facilitating reasonable adjustments to the application and interview process as well as within the workplace.

Personal Information

  • We shortlist candidates for roles by assessing them against the key competencies of the role to ensure our recruitment process is free from unconscious bias.
  • We will not ask for health related information or divulge this to anyone unless consent is provided to facilitate reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process.
  • Where a client requests equal opportunities data to help ensure their processes are effectively attracting a diverse candidate pool, we can accommodate that. All information would be annonminised to ensure sensitive personal data remains confidential.