Why Engage Securus Recruitment?

Securus Recruitment  is focused exclusively on the Insurance, Technology and Financial Services industry.

We believe in a positive and completely confidential professional job search experience.

That's why we make the time to listen to your needs, to understand your skill set and help guide you in the right direction to find your next career move.

It’s all about creating a genuine, professional experience for every person we meet.

The benefit to our candidates is that they work with consultants who offer advanced knowledge in defined areas and genuinely understand the market.

If you are seeking a new opportunity, we can help you understand your strengths and your development areas, how your application will land with Senior Managers and Human Resource Specialists within the market, and coaching to help with interview and assessment preparation.

We can also help you to assess your market worth and will negotiate on your behalf when at offer stage or during offer stage.

We stay up-to-date with current trends and market activities, participating regularly in forums, conferences and other events specific to the Insurance, Technology and Financial Services sector.